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Keep Your Air Conditioner Healthy With Our Cleaning & Sanitising Services

Has your air conditioner been cleaned in the last 12 months? If not, then you should take note.  Most of the air conditioning units we inspect are constantly collecting dust, bacteria, rotting insects and spraying it all, being inhaled by occupants.

We are licensed aircon experts specialising in cleaning and sanitising of any type of unit whether they’re a split system, window unit, cassette unit or ducted system.

Our team always strives to give you consistent, high-quality services.

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Why Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned Regularly?

Having your air conditioning system professionally cleaned can give you tons of benefits — even for your health!

At GAM Air Conditioning, we don’t only clean your air conditioner. We give you the cleanest environment possible through a 3-Step Process that involves the sanitation of your A/C unit and space.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1 – Deep Clean & Mechanical Check

We carry out a full mechanical check on your air conditioning system. Every removable part is pulled apart. Everything is pressure washed and sprayed with hospital-grade disinfectant until it’s clean, looking brand new and all nasty microorganisms are eliminated

STEP 2 – A/C Fogging

We mix a special solution that is specifically for A/Cs only for the misting of your air conditioner. It’s applied through the unit’s return air grills or ductwork while the unit is running so that it is sucked through the entire internal system, reaching areas we cannot physically get to and killing 99.99% of pathogens upon contact.

STEP 3 – Antimicrobial Misting

We mix another special chemical solution to fully sanitise your home or workplace. We cover all areas, corners, surfaces, and every nook and cranny ensuring everything is germ-free.

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Keep the air you breathe clean and healthy! Book a professional deep clean and mechanical check for your air conditioner for as low as $299 for a split system. All products we use are environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and plants.

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50 Years Experience in Service and Repair

We use our 50 years’ experience in the service and repair sector to install these systems in a way that is trouble free, and lasts our clients many years, providing quality and efficiency, without breakdowns, disruptions, and money spent on constant call-outs.

One of our major strengths is understanding the shortfalls and problems commonly associated with bad installations, and carry out our work to make sure these don’t arise in the future. This is why we offer a full five-year warranty period on our workmanship. We stand by it.


Why Choose Us.

Customised Service

Other air conditioning companies are installers only with package deals on what’s included. We prefer to provide customised service determined by services needed.

Reasonable Rates

When it comes to air conditioning, we ensure that your price is fair. Whether you need a residential installation or a commercial maintenance check, we keep the pricing affordable.

Easy AC Solution

We think outside of the box to solve issues others won’t. With us, we make the process easy so that you can have peace of mind. Our air conditioning solutions are practical but efficient.

We Work With

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