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Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

If you’ve lived in Sydney for any considerable amount of time, you’ll know how important it is to have an efficient and effective air conditioning system to get you through those blistering hot summer days and in those cold short winter days.

If you’re looking to install a new air conditioning unit, keep reading because in this page we will cover everything you need to know about air conditioning Installations in Sydney.

Split System vs Ducted
Air Conditioning Installation

There are two main types of air conditioning systems that we install in Sydney – split system air conditioning systems and ducted air conditioning systems. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

A split system consists of two main units – the internal unit, which disperses the required air temperature throughout the house, while the external unit draws air from the outside and adjusts the temperature of the air.

Pros – Split System Air Conditioning System

Split systems are generally cheaper to install, depending on certain factors such as size, type of unit, brand, size of room and various other factors.

They can also be installed on a room by room basis, so if you needed to spread the cost over a period of time, you could potentially install one unit at a time.

Cons – Split System Air Conditioning System

While split systems can be very effective for small and single rooms, they may struggle to cool down beyond a small enclosed space. This means you will likely need additional units for each separate room.

They are also installed on your walls, which may not be extremely visually appealing.

Split systems will generally last between 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced. Regular maintenance and servicing will help extend the lifetime of the unit while lack of care and maintenance will shorten it.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air conditioning in a nutshell is an air conditioning system that works through a series of vents that are usually situated just below the roof of your house, that connects a series of vents with a centralised cooling unit. Just like the split system air conditioning, it requires an outdoor unit to be placed outside of your home.

Pros – Ducted Air Conditioning System

Instead of having extruding units on the walls of your home, the air flows through a series of ducts into various rooms inside of your home. They are generally more quiet, and they fit discreetly because the outlets are relatively flat and small and installed in the ceilings.

Since the vents are connected to a centralised cooling system, it generally allows for a more consistent and even temperature throughout your entire home.

They also tend to last longer, on average between 10 to 15 years, once again depending on the level of maintenance and servicing provided for the system.

Cons – Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted air conditioning installation requires more time, more costs, and generally requires a specialist to do the job. These tend to have a large upfront cost, and depending on the size of the house.

It’s also important to consider that not all homes are suitable for the installation of a ducted air conditioning unit. Some homes do not have enough space in the roof or may have difficulty setting up the ducts downstairs.

Air Conditioner Size

One of the first steps in determining the type of air conditioner you need is to measure the size of the room that you want cooled.

Size Of Room Capacity
Small Rooms (< 20 m 2) 2kW to 4kW
Medium Rooms (20 – 40 m 2)  4kW to 6kW
Large Rooms (> 40 m 2) 6kW to 9kW

Models that are too powerful may run frequent but short cycles to achieve the desired temperature. This may cause temperature inconsistencies, excessive power consumption, and wear and tear.

Models that are underpowered may constantly run on maximum output, also causing excessive power consumption and wear and tear.

When selecting the right model for your room, it is better to get a model slightly above the required capacity rather than below it.

Air Conditioning Installation Cost

The factors which influence the cost of installing an air conditioning unit include:

  • Split system vs ducted
  • Brand & model
  • Size of your home
  • Number of units/ducts

There are two costs associated with the installation – the cost of the actual unit itself and the installation costs.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Split system air conditioning units will cost anywhere between $700 all the way up to $3,200.

Capacity & Type System CostInstallation CostTotal Cost
2.5kW Split System$700 – $1,000$500 – $700$1,200 – $1,700
5kW Split System$1,100 – $1,700$550 – $750$1,650 – $2,450
7.1 kW Split System$1,500 – $2,200$600 – $800$2,000 – $3,000

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air conditioning systems will cost anywhere between $4000 and north of $10,000.

Capacity  Rooms Storeys Total Cost
7.1kW Ducted 3-4 1 $4,000 – $6,000
12.5kW Ducted 5-6 2 $7,000 – $9,000
16kW Ducted 7-8 2 $9,000 – $11,000

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Our team provides creative solutions to commercial installation. We’ll help you overcome hurdles regarding space so we can install the AC unit for the space you choose. You’ll love that we service everything from rooftop systems to hard metal ducting and electrical. We also oversee crane hire and can cut, modify and custom-build parts for you.

Air Conditioning Installation Near Me

We cover all aspects of servicing and repairs for all major brands of air conditioning units, from the smallest split and ducted systems, to the larger package and VRV systems, whether it be residential or commercial. We do all repairs from fan motor replacement, gas leaks, compressor replacement, trouble shooting, electronics and controls.

Our 50 years of industry experience results in us solving 85% of all call-outs on the first visit as our vehicle fleet carries a huge range of parts, gases, and other equipment needed for each individual job. This means a quick turnaround for our clients as downtime and system disruption is kept at an absolute minimum.

We cover everything from a basic service to a more in-depth full service on all types of systems. These include a thorough inspection of all aspects of the air conditioning system, allowing our clients to know exactly where they stand in regards to their unit’s condition and what needs to be done before any major work takes place. We pull apart the units and in most cases return the systems to an as-new condition as you can see from pictures in the gallery.

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50 Years Experience in Service and Repair

We use our 50 years’ experience in the service and repair sector to install these systems in a way that is trouble free, and lasts our clients many years, providing quality and efficiency, without breakdowns, disruptions, and money spent on constant call-outs.

One of our major strengths is understanding the shortfalls and problems commonly associated with bad installations, and carry out our work to make sure these don’t arise in the future. This is why we offer a full five-year warranty period on our workmanship. We stand by it.


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